Kellog’s Tresor

Tresor has a new campaign to give away Taboo game to children, free with Tresor package. To promote this, Voden shot five videos and these videos published on Facebook to promote the event. I have worked as the executive producer and director.

  • mn03
  • mn01
  • mn02

Maybelline New York

Here are “how to make-up” videos for Maybelline New York that I worked at the stages of directing and colour grading. The videos are published on Maybelline New York’s Facebook page and Youtube channel.

Wanda Digital is the agency behind the project and the photos that you see are actually frames from the videos.

You can watch a very short version here, representing the video quality.

  • IMG_3735
  • IMG_3722
  • IMG_3810

Durex Sexmograf Video

A wicked-good video for the new application of Durex.

Durex has a new application called Sexmograf. Wanda Digital is promoting the work and made a web site to present the application. The video is a part of the interactive web site and also published at social media by Durex. I worked as the director and the post producer.

Agency: Wanda Digital
Music: Jingleist
Client: Durex

View Project
  • faithless_capture
  • _DSC0319
  • _DSC0356
  • _DSC0434
  • _DSC0442
  • _DSC0494

Faithless Concert Photos

I have worked as the freelance concert photographer of Faithless at Istanbul concert. Many of the photos were used on their website and social media. It was fun to be around Maxi Jazz & Sister Bliss.

  • TED_animals2
  • TED_family1
  • TED_food_1
  • TED_house_1
  • TED_trans1
  • TED_uzay

meet TEDdy !!

animation project

This project is teaching English to primary schools students of TED. There are more than 20 funny animations helping children to learn basic English.

I worked as the animation director & animator. Illustrations by my dear friend Gokce Akgul

Client: TED (Türkiye Eğitim Derneği) Okulları


  • 4474038024_00601069db_b
  • 5997871295_592dc2acfe_b
  • 6036361073_b4554f854c_b
  • 4042703884_505800f70a_b
  • 5916033106_6bdd235b66_b

Some Photographs

Here are some photos that I shot recently. Enjoy..

  • Arrot_1
  • Arrot_2
  • Arrot_3
  • Arrot_5
  • Arrot_6
  • Arrot_7


This is an animation that I made with an illustrator friend Gokce Akgul in our spare time.