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What’s on my mind these days!

Buying a fisheye lens.

Cycling the sail coast of the Netherlands.

Shooting my sci-fi short movie.

Photographing models.

Going to Berlin.

Latest Stuff from my Flickr!

Hola. I am Emre.

Howdy Partner?

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Visible Voice

This is my exhibition in Delft / Netherlands where I had the honour to meet Theo Jansen in person who made the opening talk for the exhibition. It took place at a collaborative event named “Design, Art and Technics” by Kadmium Art Gallery.

Visible Voice is an installation which draws the waveform of the visitor’s voice to a rotating disk using light. The sound wave is stored by the disk and slowly fades. The total process gives a visual idea to the visitor to see what his/her voice looks like.

Somehow it got attention on some technology and design blogs.


Here is Hackaday link

Where is Jessica Hyde?


If you have watched Utopia, than you may like my remix version with Mum / Toothwheels.

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Bomb on the way !!!


I have sent this package to the people that I want to work with. It is simply giving my…

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Awesome Stencil on the Way!

Design, Print

Here is a stencil project that I am working on. Make it your own…

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My Awesome Glowing Bicycle!


Glowing that much at night, grabs more attention than you think. Another project of mine that Steve Hines gave…

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Collecting Slates!


Collecting pictures of the slates that I am the director of.

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New Stencil


I made this illustration as a stencil, out of an old Russian magazine. It is ready to stencil, just…

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Meet Nastya


Meet Nastya, whom I shot a few pictures for the audition of a commercial today…

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here is my personal blog about some of my works and my life. enjoy your time!
- emre -

Ivona BW


Ivona Zednikova
ilford HP5
Princess Island

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Ivona Zednikova

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