Visible Voice

Visible Voice is my first installation exhibited in Kadmium, Netherlands. It simply visualizes your voice without the use of a computer on a canvas that stores light. After Netherlands, I also got an invitation from Kinetica Art Fair in London.

The project is called Visible Voice and only consists of a laser, mirror, audio speaker and a phosphorescent disk. The laser shines onto a mirror mounted on the speaker and is reflected onto the disk. When an audio signal is played through the speaker, the light bounces off the mirror and produces a waveform on the disk.

Below, you can see my friend Ivar testing out the glowing laser waveform visualizer.

What makes me really excited is, Theo Jansen made the opening speech and I had the chance to meet him personally. Here are some shots from the exhibition while his speech:




Also, please check out Theo Jansen’s web site here. He is one of the great people I have ever met. Here is one of his creatures below.